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Love-Smart University™

A series of interactive workshops and seminars for

singles and couples seeking a happy, committed, long-term relationship.

Dating and Relationship Workshops/ Seminars

  • Self Discovery 

  • Image Reconstruction 

  • Confidence Restoration 

  • Effective Dating Strategies

  • Observing Potential

  • Pacing for The Win

  • Healthy Relationships 

And more… 



For commitment-minded singles, searching for someone to make their life complete, Tye LaVore helps you determine who and what you truly want from a long-term relationship and life partner. Together, you will eliminate unsuccessful dating habits, uncover your best, most appealing qualities and display them in the right ways to attract the type of person with whom you desire a relationship. With a redefined image, improved outlook, a solid familiarity with what you want, and simplified approach for how to get it, love is just around the corner.



For couples looking to strengthen their bond, rekindle that once-hot flame and re-establish a connection to what’s really important for a successful union, Tye LaVore helps uncover common roadblocks to happiness and partnership. We offer useful techniques, tools, and insight that can be easily incorporated to fortify and add excitement to your relationship so that it will be one that lasts.

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