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Why Tye?

For Couples

1. Relationships aren't always easy...

Maintaining a healthy relationship can be challenging. Lots of issues can seem insurmountable without the proper tools to help you navigate those troubled waters. Communication, compromise, forgiveness, understanding, empathy. These are all important skills to defeat some of love’s inevitable challenges.

Tye LaVore works to teach techniques that work and help couples become masters at using them.

2. It's cool to spend time with other couples...

People who are similarly situated in life like to be around each other. Think about it. When you’re in a good relationship, you aren’t exactly as interested as you used to be in hanging out with your single friends, doing what only single people do. Most couples want to hang out with other couples - do what couples do. People who are experiencing life in many of the same ways they, themselves, are. We host events and outings for couples to enjoy the couples life and meet others who feel the same.


3. You want your relationship to last (forever)...

Today’s social setting seemingly puts less emphasis on commitment and more on self-satisfaction…at any cost. All signs point to, “It’s all about me”, an attitude that can surely play a role in the demise of any relationship.  In this environment many couples struggle to survive. I believe the answer to this problem is support and encouragement. Being amongst people who can share their experience and secrets to success. People who support the idea that being in a committed relationship that may sometimes require you to think about someone else before yourself, is OK – in fact, it’s GREAT! Each workshop or seminar or event you attend is an opportunity to become a part of a vital network of other couples who are after the same long-term success you are.


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