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We get you ready for love

Tye LaVore is an agency of love working to connect both singles and couples to the love they’ve only ever dreamed of. Our primary focus is preparedness: instilling awareness and invoking enlightenment that propels our clients into love’s warm embrace.  Our mission is to be a valuable partner in the quest to finding love and on the journey sustaining it.

Our exclusive workshops and full suite of dating and relationship services provide opportunities for singles to date with purpose and for couples to truly connect, using substantive methods that solidify bonds and create long-lasting relationships. The techniques that we use force our clients to open up to greater possibilities, to shed themselves of the confines of the digital age, and return to the art of human connection. 

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For Singles

We aren’t the typical dating agency, offering swipes and clicks, embellished profiles, and dates delivered to your door for one-night-stands. We aren’t going to promise you monthly lunches with strangers whose profiles algorithmically match yours - quantity does not mean quality - and we aren’t going to do all the searching for love for you.

We’ve determined the main stumbling blocks to finding love. They have little, if anything, to do with the number of possible matches out there and who you can hire to present them to you. The problems are most often these:

1. Not truly knowing what you want and

2. Not knowing how to get it.

Our primary objective is to help you firmly define who and what you want and show you how to get it. Through this partnership, we are best positioned to shoot cupid’s arrow when quality matches present themselves, but more importantly you are prepared when they present themselves to you!

For Couples

We build into relationships - the “good” ones and the ones that need a little “TLC”. We recognize that a perfect relationship is only perfect in the sense that it is flawed, but thankfully, one where the two people involved are 100% committed to enjoying it. We support and encourage couples along their journey together, promoting opportunities to display love and respect and open, honest communication. Our goal is to provide a means for couples to thrive and last – not just because you said you would but because you want to!

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